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Pulse News – Evernote – Flipboard APP Review

Pulse News – Evernote – Flipboard APP Review

clients. How great would it be to have an app solely for PR professionals? A place where we could share ideas, work, and ask for advice. If there is one app I would like to see it would be that app.  PR professionals need to constantly be alert, up to date, and methodically organized.  I have tried three free apps I believe can help PR professionals…

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I really like the idea 🙉

I have spent my whole life hiding in between words
I was comfortable never knowing what happiness was.
My pen became my friend and I was content In my misery.

You walked into my life, you brought my walls down with promises.
You loved me so breathlessly I confounded myself in you.
I forgot the words, and I slowly put down my pen, and
Before I could say I do I was yours unwaveringly.

You held my hands so tightly, I stopped walking alone
I made you my center, and I thought I was your escape too.
You thought me everything I know, and I forgot to exist.

Now I am alone in a sea of doubts because you changed the rules.
I don’t know how to do this alone, so I’m waiting on the sidelines
Hoping beyond reason you will give me back everything you took.

I am fighting a war fooling myself with wavering convictions that
You are still here. I am bending myself in half to curve the pain.
Begging for the scraps of the life I built, with words that aren’t mine

You stole my well crafted bandages, you unwrapped my pain, and
You left me bleeding on the sidewalk to bandage the arms of another.
How could you love me, and not see that I am wasting away too